MINI BUSES 9 persons

From 50,00 EURO AL IN

CABRIOS for rent

From 40,00 euro all in

HOTEL Deliveries

Delivery on Heraklion and Chania airport

No delivery costs!


from 20,00 euro per day

5 PERSONS family cars

4x4 CARS and JEEPS

7 and 9 persons MINIVANS



SUPER OFFER for April, May and October 2021!

1 week rental, including all insurances.
Delivery and collection on Heraklion airport, Chania airport 
and hotels in the big resorts on Crete.

Group Model 1 week 2 weeks
Group A Hyundai I10 115,00 euro 230,00 euro
Group B Fiat Panda 130,00 euro 260,00 euro
Group C Toyota Yaris 145,00 euro 290,00 euro
Group D Citroen C3 160,00 euro 320,00 euro
Group G2 Opel Corsa automatic 210,00 euro 420,00 euro
Group R Suzuki Jimny cabrio 4x4 225,00 euro 450,00 euro
Group S1 Skoda Yeti 4x4 300,00 euro 600,00 euro
Group K 9 persons minibus 340,00 euro 680,00 euro
Group I Cabrios 320,00 euro 640,00 euro


SPECIAL offer, small economic car, ask us!

For more information about our prices or longer term rentals,

please contact us through the contactform.

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